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"Even when we are unplugged, we are not separated from the digital world”. The economic growth of a country is now dependent on Digital world. Security, safety, integrity of information and data protection tops the priority list of any country and this is why the web developers are making sure they keep a strong hold on the economy.

New developers in the digital world are now threatening the bottom lines, there is so much competition the real world market that you need to go with the perfect plan and strategy to flourish. UwantTraffic agency capitalizes on changes on technology, availability of data as per requirement and customer service.

Emerging in a digital world, we emphasize on literature as well as its effect and visuals. We make sure from language to format to designing everything is going to be on point. Often this impression is given that big companies hardly put as much constant effort and attention into converting services as they do with the products but we make sure our customers are fully satisfied. The market has real competition. It has so much to offer that even if you go off the track even for a day, you lose a lot. Well whether the traits we see in UwantTraffic are theirs alone or are for the future generations the marketers need to refine their flexibility criteria and continue moving forward as the society advances. You need to keep a check on your society that what technology it is using, what grounds is it using for promotion and work and it’s time for corporations to have strong values and a clear cut vision to build their identity in the market. Our web designers can offer intuition into the future they're already shaping, and their self-defined clans will provide chances for organic dialogue and partnership.

We give you complete guideline. We help you from the scratch. You put your faith in us and we will give you our best shot. We are a team of creative and talented individuals who are fully devoted towards their work.


UwantTraffic, envisions itself to expand its current position as a leading web design company into a worldwide internet solutions company that leads the web and marketing industry in UAE while providing our clients customized and effective web solutions to achieve clients’ business targets.

We initiated our campaign trail six years ago, where our data driven policies have helped the brands reach the top and transform digital stir forever. Today, we work with local to high profile clients and fulfill their requirements with full commitment. Our services include digital strategy, website design and search engine optimization (SEO) and execution. UwantTraffic has connected exclusively with the global and local leaders in Digital Advertising. Today, UwantTraffic’s Network has expanded in a positive way.

Our visitors are our clients and to ensure this we facilitate them in the best possible way. Dubai is palce where people from all over the world resides.


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Social Media Company Dubai For Online Marketing Success

You’re running a small coffee shop or you own a huge mall, it does not matter until and unless you are not marketing your product online efficiently. Here are the few strategies that we have designed for you! UwantTraffic provides well recourse marketing plans, innovative strategies and execution modules of success. From market analysis to online marketing campaigns and in virtual sphere we deliver you with growth oriented proposal and ideas for your enterprise using various live online-platforms.


UwantTraffic is a single outlet for all your branding needs. Let to us assist you devise executable nice enterprise techniques so not solely choice boost you ROI but also the company. we, ensure market integrated solutions amongst best branding companies in Dubai market place.

Content strategy:

We have a plan for everything. Just like the dancers practice before the performance, an ecommerce trade needs a content marketing strategy. We list down our policies and show them to the customers. We analyze the budget, time limit, task and resources very closely.

Social Media, A Powerful Tool

Social media is just like investing in stocks. You spread out the risk and realize which option is going to make you earn money. We have page on Facebook, twitter and other forums just to keep our clients updated. We have worked with endless people just because they connected with us through Facebook to be precise. As a social media company in Dubai our social media strategist takes.

Company presentation Design Dubai:

Original contents builds the trust relationship between us and the customer, we assure you that the work we do here is full of quality and up to the mark. We keep no margin of error and believe that there is always a room for improvement.

Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing has various meanings it is like putting the messages in the right places at the right time. It is like following the stats very closely and keeping a close eye on customer’s activity. In this regard we have some specialized developers.

Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai

We consider executing an approachable edge so that your ecommerce website converts for devices like tablets and smartphones. We look for innovative ideas. Our skilled developer’s team presents the best technology oriented apps in the arena of mobile application companies Dubai.

Online Chat Areas

We have built an online chat area where we provide an efficient customer service. Due to this we are able to solve real time problems and enhance our trust relationship with the customers. Customer reviews provide the social credibility, convincing other customers to come towards us for products endorsement based on user feedback.

Web Hosting

At UwantTraffic, we serve first rate hosting services, at economical packages, as top among web hosting companies in Dubai.

Industry News

IT news offers influential content ideas for us to share with our customers. Since the up gradation takes place every other moment, we argue our self to proceed with the speed of technology world.

Onsite SEO Company Dubai

As the best Dubai SEO company, UwantTraffic offers best optimizing services at your doorstep. Our content strategy focus on helping customers but search engine identify us as a web site which create and design your work. So in this regard, SEO is very important. The days are now absolutely gone as maximum number of small or large sized companies and brands are implying internet marketing into their overall marketing strategy to enhance the visibility because this helps them to generate maximum number of leads. As UAE’s most prominent and reliable name in internet marketing industry, UwantTraffic is here to bring you all what you need to make a perfect web presence. Our agency is the place which brings desired results within a short span of time. Yes that is absolutely right, our agency is a one-stop solution for all your internet marketing needs and we promise to create alluring and captivating internet marketing strategies that work best for your success.

Web Design Dubai Services:

Get a mesmerizing responsive design for your online business success by uwanttraffic. A one stop-solution for your web designing needs.

Looking to boost the rankings of your Website? Not a big deal! uwanttraffic is providing ethical SEO services from the desk of best SEO experts.